Sexual Harassment and Romance in the Workplace

Sharon E. Harrington, MA, CPLP
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Amediate, LLC is a small woman-owned business offering consultant services in conflict management at every level throughout an organization by designing and facilitating customized systems that support a self mediating environment. We accomplish this through formal/informal training and on site facilitation while keeping our clients updated on organizational trends surrounding workplace concerns. Our services are provided to public agencies, non-profit organizations and industry and business.

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Amediate, LLC is a SWAM certified business, eVA registered, Micro-Business Certified and listed on the Virginia Consulting Services Pre-Qualified List.

MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) Certified
DBE- Disadvantaged Business Enterprise - Certfied - Virginia Dept. of Transportation

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Navigating Workplace Conflict & Accountability

At Amediate, we provide services that empower team members to be accountable to one another and navigate difficult situations at work.

Our Services

In a divided world, Amediate, LLC is committed to helping leaders create and maintain work environments that are mindful and respectful of people of all identities, backgrounds, and cultures. We work with management and employees alike to develop empowering skills for self-navigating the tough conversations before the disruption --thus leading to mutual understanding that is integral to an effective workplace.

Organizational Communication Effectiveness and Leadership Training

We work with organizational leaders and team members to development effective communication and leadership skills for navigating difficult and uncomfortable workplace situations. Our customized courses and academies are created using a multitude of techniques for reaching members at every level to make organizations more agile and productive. We design learning to develop influential leaders with critical skills to identify problems, collaborate for solutions and keep the team on track.

Workplace Conflict Assessments and Focus Group Facilitation

Conflict happens. Creative tension can be the propelling source for growth and breakthrough ventures whereas disruptive and destructive conflict can be the path for a downward spiral. Our professionals know the difference and how to facilitate towards solution driven methods. We work with team members and leaders to minimize disruptive conflict and prioritize immediate skills needed to navigate through difficult workplace situations with confidence.

EEO Investigation, Mediation, Training and Compliance Review

When communication breakdowns happen, serious workplace conflict can lead to costly charges of discrimination. Our outside mediation, training and workplace facilitation services can help repair disrupted relationships and affected production.

"Meeting of the Minds"

Emergenetics is the merging of two ideas - our behavior emerging from our life experiences and our genetic traits. By understanding your personal, professional and corporate needs, we can better tailor solutions to meet your desired outcomes.
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Organizational Communication Effectiveness and Leadership Training


Workplace Conflict Assessments and Focus Group Facilitation EEO Investigation, Mediation, Training and Compliance Review    
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